Happy Thanksgiving

A happy thanksgiving greeting for you…..and the sharing of some memories of friendship and creativity!


This garter stitch scarf was such a fun project. I initially blogged about this on Oct 12 when I first felt this lovely yarn Acadia at Avenue Yarns. My instant reaction was “Oh, what can I knit with this?!” It quickly came to me that I would knit my version of Margot’s scarf. My version was a finer weight yarn – DK rather than worsted. I wanted a change in fiber both in texture and color for the ruffle. Yes, if you look close enough at the ruffle you will see that there is a slight variation in the color and the weight. As soon it came off the needles and I tried it on…..I was even more pleased with the results. It will be another “go to” scarf for me. My current “go to” is the hitchhiker scarf that I finished early last year (2014).

Here are the details of my version……

Body of scarf was knit (size 6 ndl) with 2 skeins (145 yds ea)  of DK weight Acadia – 60% Merino Wool, 20% Baby Alpaca, 20% Silk. The ruffle was knit (size 5 ndl) with Malibrigo Superwash sock weight yarn.

Instructions  – Body of Scarf

  • Cast on 5 sts.
  • Increase section – This is a 4-row repeat (used in many rounded scarf patterns).
    • Rows 1 & 3 (RS): Knit
    • Rows 2 (WS): Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, knit to end.
      • This is the beginning of the applied I-cord which is created every other row.  If you want a wider I-cord, consider slipping 3 stitches.
    • Row 4 (WS) Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, k to last stitch, M1, K last stitch.
      • This row (which happens on every 4th row) creates the curve on the edge where ruffle will be added/attached.
  • Repeat the above 4-row repeat until the scarf is as deep and 1/2 wide as you would like. In my case, it was 8″ deep (from I-cord edge to the edge for ruffle) and then knit 8″ more to center of scarf with rows 1 and 2 of the 4-row repeat. (Remember row 4 has the increase for the curve and you are not curving right now.) One skein was used for this first half of scarf. Join 2nd skein and knit 8″ more.
  • Decrease section – This is another 4-row repeat.
    • Rows 1 & 3 (RS): Knit
    • Rows 2 (WS): Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, knit to end.
      • This is the continuation of the applied I-cord which is created every other row.
    • Row 4 (WS) Bring yarn forward, slip first 2 sts (purlwise) to right hand needle, bring yarn to the back, k to last stitch 2 stitches, K2tog.
      • This row (which happens on every 4th row) creates the decrease shaping of the curve on the edge where ruffle will be added/attached.
      • Continue until 5 sts remain.
  • Bind off.

Instructions  – Ruffle  Note: the design possibilities are endless – dare to be creative.

  • With circular needle (size 5 in my version), with right side facing you pickup 2 stitches on bind-off edge, 1 stitch in each ridge stitch valley, 2 stitches on cast-on edge.
  • Row 1 (WS)- Knit
  • Row 2 (RS) – Increase for ruffle. For a slight ruffle, you can either increase in each stitch by Knit in front and back of stitch or you could make 1 between each stitch. I wanted a slightly fuller ruffle so I made 3 stitches out of one by Knit in the front, Knit in the back, Knit in the front.
  • Knit 7 rows or desired number for depth of ruffle.
    •  On row 5 I added an eyelet detail.
      • *K2tog, YO*, repeat to end.
      • Knit
      • I used P2 tog bind off which creates a beautiful “elastic” garter finish.

ps….later today I will fine tune this with a legend for the knitting terms.



We are quickly moving into gift giving season (either for your loved ones and in some cases ourselves). If you are looking for unique jewelry, cards, and knitted items…..mark your calendar for Saturday, Dec 5 for the Annual Kimberly and Janie Boutique hosted at Skein Lane Studio. The event is from 1-5 at  208 Carmel Ave, El Cerrito. Looking forward to seeing you.

Some samplings….

Happy Halloween


More Halloween greetings await you here!

Wanting to share the latest on my needles – The Ruffled Scarf. I mentioned the yarn purchase of Acadia yarn in the post On the Knitting Trails Again”.  I was inspired by Margot’s scarf…..and as I most often do I modified the pattern. Here’s what is different with mine….slightly smaller gauge, longer and I will add the ruffle in a different yarn – Madelinetosh Pashmina Tart Red.

One skein of Acadia down and one to go…..then on to the ruffle! By the way I use to play in ceramics moons ago. This is one of my renditions that I cleaned, painted and had fired. This probably qualifies as one of my relics now.

Happy Halloween!


This year’s event is Dec 5….

Originally posted on Skein Lane - IN THE LOOP:

untitled (4)Announcing the lovely (now annual) event- Jewelry Boutique featuring Kimberly Ligocki and Janie Rose –  at Skein Lane Studio -Saturday, December 6th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

This is a great chance to stay out of the crowds and shop this event for your jewelry gifts. Kimberly and Janie will be featuring new jewelry. You can visit their Etsy stores – Kimberly’s Craftini  and Janie Rose Jewelry to get a sense of the beauty they create. I am a huge fan of their jewelry and several pieces are now in my collection! ♥♥♥

Join us…..it will be fun and you can shop! Need the address? 208 Carmel Ave, El Cerrito, CA …. Phone 510.525.9276

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Aria 10.15.15

I can hardly wait to see her personality emerge during this next year!

Aria’s mom Shelby (my great niece) shared this recent photo of Aria covered with the Mountain Chickadee blanket (knit in Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece) that I knit specially for her. Thank you again to Kimberly for inspiring me with her version of this wonderful design.….and a fun knit. Baby Aria, the first born of our next generation, is now three weeks old this coming Sunday.

During her first week of life she met many of her family….and, in particular,  Aria met her grandma Sundee’s maternal family at a family brunch gathering a week after she was born. This little girl, born weighing 9lbs 2 ozs, is just as cute as can be…..and of course, I am not biased!

Aria first family gathering 10.04.15

On the Knitting Trail…

Hat - LouiseWhooHoo! Done!  It doesn’t seem all that long ago that I had the great pleasure of meeting some of my cousins (via Ancestry.com) – Louise, her son Steve and wife Tammy – a little over year ago or was it two? I ask such questions because life is full and moving at a rapid pace!

Anyway….sometime after Louise asked if I would knit a hat for her….hard to say no…but unknown to Louise ….my knitting plate was pretty full. Louise has horses and every early morning she is out with her horses…like feeding. Many of us feed animals in the morning but most likely it’s our dogs and cats in the kitchen. In this case, Louise leaves her home to care for her horse(s)…reminds me of my lifelong friend Mary who has always had a horse or two in her backyard. Wait….do I need to knit a hat for Mary now? I think I do….she has a major birthday coming up in December.

Back to Louise….both our hearts were happy today. She received the hat and said ” Got your Beanie today and it fit good. That will keep my head warm this winter. Thank you so much. Love it!” I love it that Louise was happy! That’s what knitting and gifting are all about…..there are more things but for this conversation this fits. The fiber choice was Brown Sheep’s Lambspride Superwash – Color Rose Quartz. I particularly like Fiber Trends Pattern AC-20 for this hat style….the finishing at the stop is a nice feature. I generally am not a fan of superwash wool but Lambspride Superwash is really good.

Now onto finishing Elf slippers for my niece Betsy…bless her heart…she has been tolerant that her brother’s scarf re: Cornell College, her cousin’s Shelby’s baby Aria’s blanket, and Louise’s hat have moved ahead of my project for her. Back on track….damn (did I say that publicly) one of the yarns for this project went AWOL. Where could it have gone? I shared that with a co-worker in my day-time life and she asked if it might be in the closet. I broke out laughing…..my whole house/Skein Lane Studio is a closet. Oh where is that bulky superwash named Blue Rifff? Oh well….not to worry…ordered more today for Skein Lane Studio and I can “buy” from stock.

Betsy really you will get these Elfie slippers for this Christmas. She still gets a present along with the Elf slippers for this year!


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