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Announcing the lovely (now annual) event- Jewelry Boutique featuring Kimberly Ligocki and Janie Rose.

This is a great chance to stay out of the crowds and shop this event for your jewelry gifts. You can visit their Etsy stores – Kimberly’s Craftini and Janie Rose Jewelry to get a sense of the beauty they create. I am a huge fan of their jewelry and several pieces are now in my collection! ♥♥♥

Invite your friends! Join us at 208 Carmel Ave, El Cerrito!

Just Off The Needles

untitled (7)Young Jacob, Bill’s great grandson, was born June 8…..and we, Bill and I, delivered, Jacob’s knitted vest (just finished and wash blocked last night) today while we were at family anniversary celebration . I had another idea in mind for Jacob’s gift, but Bill wanted a “vanilla” blue vest with red accents in the neckline and ribbing….so that’s what it is. Of course, I used Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece (80% cotton and 20% wool).

The most engaging part of this knit was the neckline….I pulled the pattern from Michelle Wyman’s baby pullover sweater. Michelle was the master of truly “finished” center V-neckline.untitled (6)

Now onto the gift for Grace…..born into my extended family a couple of weeks ago. Grace’s grandfather and I are 2nd cousins. I already have one gift for Grace….but she was born early and is tiny…so I want to knit a gift that is a little more fitting for her when she comes home from the hospital next month. Her early arrival is being celebrated this coming Sunday….so I really need to click those needles!!


untitled (4)Announcing the lovely (now annual) event- Jewelry Boutique featuring Kimberly Ligocki and Janie Rose –  at Skein Lane Studio -Saturday, December 6th from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

This is a great chance to stay out of the crowds and shop this event for your jewelry gifts. Kimberly and Janie will be featuring new jewelry. You can visit their Etsy stores – Kimberly’s Craftini  and Janie Rose Jewelry to get a sense of the beauty they create. I am a huge fan of their jewelry and several pieces are now in my collection! ♥♥♥

Join us…..it will be fun and you can shop! Need the address? 208 Carmel Ave, El Cerrito, CA …. Phone 510.525.9276


A belated shout out for my September birthday celebration…..within these bountiful gifts were some hand-crafted items as well as “bubbly” to enjoy while having another read of the wonderful cards! The most recent gifts were homemade potato soup (delicious) and purple flowers (my favorite color) and a handcrafted pillow. Notice the embroidery on the cat. Many heartfelt thanks to the wonderful friends of the Friday Morning Knitters!

A New Treasure

Sunnyside, Springfield, Smelker, Oriska, Solid Center, Union, Blakeman, First Central, Ashview, Tuttle, Ketcher, Boden, Green Knoll, Hansen, Midway, Grandview, Nuttbrook, Hansen…..are some of the Stratton rural country schools (Colorado) that appear on my Stratton schools quilt.

It’s probably been seven or eight years ago that my cousin Delmar’s wife Avril commissioned a Stratton schools quilt to be made for Del’s birthday. The chosen quilt maker, Benay, of Stratton is the daughter-in-law of my life-long friend Chris and Denny…..Benay has been making quilts for the Stratton annual homecoming raffles for years. Well….I had been dreaming of having a quilt like Del’s for a long while. So, last year Avril and Benay picked out fabric for me at Benay’s fabric sale. While I gave them an idea of colors, I did not know what had been chosen until last weekend when I was in my hometown for a “big” high school class reunion. I couldn’t be more pleased with the color and fabric choices along with the photo choices of the old and “new” schools. The name of each school has been machine embroidered onto the quilt. One photo includes my dad, his brothers and cousins standing on the steps of their country school Sunnyside in the early 1930′s. Another photo is that of Tuttle school….my grandma Alta and her sister Ruth attended that school. Our school mascot was and still is the Eagle…..thus, the Eagle in the middle of the quilt.

I rolled this quilt up like a sleeping bag so that I could carry it home on the plane last Sunday. Now….where will it “live”? My friend Mary suggested I would have to build another room on my house….but I think I can settle for rearranging furniture for this new treasure.

We celebrate Debra…

Back to the keyboard with a post celebrating Debra’s birthday…..it was spontaneous meaning she’s just returned from a family vacation in Hawaii and she just might not be here next week which is closer to her birthday. However, without any planning, Connie brought snacks and I had champagne on ice….yeah!

Between sips and tasting we did find time to knit.

Whoops…..thought I had photos of both sides of the table…..it was a full house!


This photo clearly does not do Debra’s work justice…envision!!

Several baby items popped up this week. Debra finished her Textured Interweave Baby Blanket (actual name of pattern)….the subtle color variegated choice with the detailed stitching pattern was perfect. She did labor a bit over some mis-knit stitches…but not to worry she was able to get back on track with either my help or her own. I love this design and I think I have to knit it….I know there are babies on the horizon in this family. You can find the pattern at Ravelry….it’s a free download. A shout out to the designer for a lovely design!

This past Saturday PJ came with two delights….well really four. There were socks and booties knit from her leftover sock yarn. They are so darn sweet and evoked many noises of delight! Then she showed her reversible baby hat knit from left over sock yarn. I think I have to take this idea and knit this for my Idaho nephew for Christmas…..well maybe even my Iowa nephew. They both live in spots where it gets darn cold in the winter.


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